Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction!: Enchanted

I shall never find love,” Noinin said with a sigh, her turquoise wings faintly stirring as she dipped a fingernail into her stem glass of rose wine.
As the man who lived in the house had gone for the day, Estirir was hovering in front of the giant bedroom mirror, pinching her cheeks.  She turned her head to cast a glare in Noinin's direction and it wasn't necessary for her to say what Noinin already knew she was thinking: Not with the human, dear- the logistics alone boggle the mind.
Noinin flitted over to the human's nightstand where there were pictures of him grinning with a big group of other human men; muscular, blonde, sweaty, and free.
Also,” Noinin said, “he's got a boyfriend.”

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  1. I could really see this exchange as I read it, lovely writing and the last line made me smile!