Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 Sentence Fiction (Part 1 of a 2 Parter): Wicked

-Catching up on the ole Five Sentence Fiction.  This prompt is a few weeks old.  Bit...heavy. I dunno, I'm tryin' somethin'.  Also, maybe not so much strictly inspired by the word 'wicked' which connotes a bit of playfulness. Ah well.  This goes with my next 5 Sentence Fiction for the prompt 'scorching' which I'll put up next.


On a Monday afternoon in 1985, Lydia Cassidy calls Barbara Norris and makes her fears known: That new man at church is obviously trouble and shouldn’t be babysitting children, and did she know that  Barabara's daughter burst into tears at Vacation Bible School and pounded her group leader with tiny fists when the older girl tried to escort her to the bathroom? 

Barbara’s hands shake as the adrenaline flows and she says, “You must have a really dirty mind, Mrs.Cassidy, and I think you have mental problems.”

She tries to slam the phone down but she is shuddering with such violence that she misses the receiver.

She stands from the dining room table, grimacing at a nick in the otherwise flawless walnut and plans the rest of her day, shoving the phone call to the back of her mind as it will be dealt with later (“Lydia Cassidy screamed horrible things at me over the phone!”).

Barbara catches a reflection of her own stubborn beauty in the glass of the china cabinet and glances away, thinking that Lydia Cassidy has always been so dramatic, and these things are quite common.

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