Friday, February 10, 2012

Dancing with Fairies: The Fairy Ring Writing Contest!

Born This Way
“I'm a goblin.”
I frowned. “Don't say that. I think you're good looking.”
Benny was average at best. But I liked his shaggy hair and too-big mouth.
He glanced around the cafeteria and leaned in close, making my heart go hummingbird fast. “I'm serious. I'm a goblin. You know I'm not lying.”
Thing was, I did know and it wasn't so shocking. Just this year, three fairies and an ogre had come out. Minnie Patterson and Delia Troy went so far as to go to school in fae form, even when the jocks threw sodas at their wings. I blinked stupidly. What was I supposed to say? Was he sad? It's not like I cared if he was a goblin.
“Come on.”
Bennie led me out of the cafeteria and into the janitor's closet. It was dark and I thought he was going to kiss me, when he turned the light on.
I shrieked.
He was two feet tall, his nose like a clown horn, his mouth much bigger. And his hair was everywhere.
“You hate me.” He had Bennie's voice.
He had Bennie's eyes too. They were bigger, but I could see his soul; sweet and funny.
I said, “Did you hang the principal's car on the flagpole?”
“It's my goblinness! I must make mischief!”
I crouched down next to him. “Is this why you didn't ask me to the dance?”
I kissed him. My heart fluttered. Yeah, it was Bennie. When I opened my eyes, he was human.
He grinned. “I should tell you,” he said, “I was raised by an evil sorcerer who kind of wants to take over the school and turn the freshmen into trolls.”
“It's okay. I hate my parents too.”



  1. Ha! This is great. "Clown horn nose" made me laugh out loud. And you really nailed her crush. Totally bought it. Nice work.

  2. LOL, how fun. Love the high school atmosphere and magical mayhem. Great story, Erin.

  3. That is fantastic. Totally picturing the school cafeteria in the Twilight films, except this is way better :)

  4. Thank you so much for the nice words, you guys!

  5. I really enjoyed this! Such a great story :)

  6. An absolutely wonderful story with a perfect last line. I always look forward to reading your writing. Well done you! :))

  7. ROFLOL!! Love, love, loved this!!! Definitely should work it into a longer story.

  8. Wow! I loved this! That last line captures most teenagers perfectly! :) Reading this made me smile. :)

  9. Super fun, great idea. Thanks so much for entering, Erin!

  10. Love the "evil parents" and the whole idea of acceptance...lovely!

  11. Loved the last part. :) Very entertaining.

  12. This is WONDERFUL. Especially the finish! Two thumbs up, and my vote :)