Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction

5 Sentence Fiction, yo!  The word is: Shiver.

So I have no idea how these 5 Sentence Fiction stories keep ending up all spazzy manic but so it goes.  I don't like this one as much as the last one but eh, it was fun to write.  Obscenities below!  The title's probably too cutesy for a short fluffy piece, it came to me just now while watching Archer.  What do you want? Sorry for the comma madness.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that sentence #5 miiiiight not be kosher.  What do you want.

Walk Down This Street and Smile That to My Face

There's no money it and other than maybe a long comment thread on Flickr, there's no fame either (unless you're that Banksy guy or the Obama poster guy and then freakin' everybody knows who you are, even old people), but Sacco does it anyway pretty much every night he can manage it and swear to freakin' CHRIST, there is nothing better than finishing off a particularly cool piece on top of a building,  getting away clean, and shivering in the cold night air under the streetlights; you feel like you own Los Angeles!

The only thing that's almost better is hearing back from people about it like “Yo Sacco, is that you on Third Street?” and then, oh holy shit, is that ever sweet.

He lets slip to his ceramics teacher, Miss Marlow, that he's into art and Obey Giant so that she gets this crazy excited look in her eyes and brings him a book of this old white-haired dude's pictures that -once he's done looking down her shirt- he gets really interested in and now he's completely obsessed.

What Miss Marlow probably doesn't figure is that Sacco decides the old white-haired dude was really on to something and it would be cool to do stencils of some big celebrity and then put them everywhere like everywhere, so instead of everybody watching the celebrity, the celebrity's watching everybody else. 

Sacco picks Tom Cruise (since everybody knows who he is and the dude is crazy after all) and once he learns stencils, he puts Tom Cruise all over the city and people are starting to notice, but it's not enough: he recruits two guys, then five guys, then a dozen guys from school, and teaches them stencils, and soon every other street's got a Tom Cruise peaking at you over his shades; pharmacies, banks (oh, especially banks), bus stops, schools, freeways, empty bookstores, take-out joints, liquor stores, sidewalks, broken down shacks and then the big cojone; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple Tom Cruises all along the subway walls at the Vermont/Sunset stop, but Christ, it's so beautiful that when they finally drag him off in handcuffs (under the watchful eye of his buddy's camera phone) he screams to the palm trees and Sunset Boulevard and the cayenne peppered fruit carts and Mr.Brainwash, “I FUCKING LOVE THIS TOWN!”


  1. Well, it would seem appropriate to say that I f.... love your writing. But since I'm not really a swearer, I'll say, wow Erin, holy flying wow, can you write!!

  2. Now that's five sentences!!! Awesome writing! You have great detail that hooks the reader. Nice work! :)

  3. is spazzy and manic, and yeah.. those sentences are pretty long, however you tell a great story, and as your character is a crazy manic dude, you can get away with it!!!

  4. Thanks for your comments! I'm your newest follower!