Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog Hop Entry

There was a lightbulb hanging over Daika. She laid her head back on the steel chair and focused on the glare of white. The pain hit her kneecaps. Excruciating. It was as if they could pour it like water over her; gushing and torrid.
“Where's the base?” Mr.Green said.
Daika rolled her head to the side and squinted at Mr.Green in his clover suit. Staring at the light had clouded her vision and all she saw were spots where his head should be.
“Where's the base?”
“This...” She cleared her throat. They hadn't given her water in a day. “This reminds me...of something...”
Mr.Green said, “Turn it up.”
The pain came again. With authority. Daika grit her teeth and groaned. “Aww... You...” Her head lulled from side to side. “You guys suck.”
She thought she could feel the movement of the ship under her. But that was impossible. You could never feel the movement on a ship of this size. She closed her eyes and let herself settle into the agony as she had been taught. It was almost a thing of beauty. Feeling good had no flavor. But true pain and mortification; there were so many colors! She opened her eyes and saw the light of the bare bulb. No, it was the light of the sun. The sun in Marny Forest. That's what it reminded her of. That last morning on earth she had wandered off into the trees and flowers to stare at the sun. The next day ships landed. No more forests.
“Where's the base?”
“I guess...” She whispered.
Mr.Green leaned in. “Yes?”
“I's everywhere.” She blinked at him. Didn't he understand? It was obvious. But he was all light spots. “Isn't it?”


  1. Good to see this expanded into a full story (or novel). Well done!

  2. Ooooh, I'm intrigued! So many questions arise from this piece: who taught her to settle into the agony? Why are they torturing her? What's with the ships?

    Excellent work; would love to read more!

  3. Thanks for comments! Much appreciated.
    *Catherine Noble: When I see your name, I think of Doctor Who. There was a character named Donna Noble played by an actress named Catherine Tate. So...yeah, I'm weird.

  4. Interesting. Lots of elements made this a versatile piece.

    Nice one! :)

  5. Holy Cow! I love this. Makes me want to turn the page :)